Hard Rock Stadium Seating Chart

Seating Zones

Upper Level End Zone 323-328
Upper Level Corner 301-307, 316-322, 329-335, 344-350
Upper Level Sideline 308-309, 314-315, 336-337, 342-343
Upper Level Premium 310-313, 338-341
200 Level End Zone 221-227
200 Level Corner 201-205, 217-220, 228-231, 243-247
200 Level Sideline 206-209, 213-216, 232-235, 239-242
Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Club C210-C212, C236-C238
Lower Level End Zone 101-103, 117-121, 135-136
Lower Level Corner 104-105, 115-116, 122-123, 133-134
Lower Level Sideline 106-107, 113-114, 124-125, 131-132
Lower Level Club C108-C112, C126-C130
Delta Sky360 Club C126-C130
Mercedes-Benz Club C108-C112
AMG or SunTrust Club C110, C128
AMG Lounge Club C110
SunTrust Club C128

This seating chart shows the seats that will be available at the Hard Rock Stadium for the Super Bowl LIV.

Up until two weeks before the game, you will only be able to book tickets for sections as opposed to by specific seat because we have no way of knowing what seats are available prior to that date.

For ease of reference, we have color coded the zones that are available so you can select which area of the stadium from which you would like to experience the excitement of the Super Bowl.

From two weeks before the game and onward, you’ll be able to choose your seats. When you do so, make sure you carefully scrutinize the seating plan on the tickets page because it may look slightly different from the one featured above.

Keep checking back with us regularly so that you can get all the latest information about the seating and luxury suites that are available.

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