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January 31, 2020




9:00 PM

2020 ESPN Next Party

ESPN “The Party”  What a bold statement they’re making with that name. Last year Fergie and DJ Khaled performed at ESPN’s Super Bowl Party, but every year they put on one of the biggest events of the weekend. With custom cocktails named cheesy things like “Pride of the Patriots” and “Falcons Rise Up” and sponsored everything (YETI had the bar under control), you’ll site celebrities alongside tons of NFL players who aren’t on the field and other major athletes.

Drake has performed, Shaq’s shown up, and last year Dwyane Wade and James Harden picked this party to attend, so you know it’s good. ESPN has been known to deck out huge industrial warehouses for these festivities, and guess what? It’s usually invite-only, so it’s as exclusive as you can get.

Past Lineups

2016: Nick Jonas

2015: Charli XCX and Questlove

ESPN Next Party Will Include:

All-Inclusive Open Bar
Full Premium Open Bar including liquor, beer, wine and soda
Food Included
Premium Gourmet Hors d’oeuvres

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