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February 3, 2018




9:00 PM

Super Bowl Playboy Party

If you can think of nothing better than spending the evening mingling with some hot babes, the Super Bowl Playboy Party may be just what you’re looking for. Featuring an open bar, premium food, and the hottest playmates and models around, the Super Bowl Playboy Party has earned quite a reputation for offering a raucous and thrilling party that puts the rest to shame. If you can envisage yourself walking down the red carpet in the footsteps of celebrities, dancers, and models, don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by making sure you get your hands on a much-coveted ticket.

One of the best and most exclusive Super Bowl parties, black market tickets to the infamous Playboy Super Bowl Party often go for twice the cost of tickets to the game itself. But the stories that surround these parties are the stuff of legends. If you want to mingle with Playmates, celebrities, famous athletes, and even politicians, a rare invite or ticket will grant you access to a range of food, drinks, entertainment, body paint, a ridiculous venue, and possibly even a huge chocolate fountain.

In 2004, Playboy hosted a crazy memorable theme party where the balcony was deemed “heaven” and the ground floor was “hell.” They worked hard to keep the male-female ratio equal, especially since all of the celebs tended to leave their girlfriends at home. Playboy sought out to attractive women and co-eds on college campuses, giving them pink “women-only” tickets and encouraging them to show up at the party dressed in themed lingerie. There was a Jack Daniels ice luge, an enormous chocolate fountain, and a PlayStation area in heaven where you could play Madden with Playmates.

Members of N’Sync showed up, Farrell was there, Jaime Pressly was hanging out with Jeff Gordon and John Elway, and Jenna Bush showed up escorted by Secret Service. No really. Apparently things got so rowdy that the fire marshall stopped the flow of guests around 11 PM and even Steven Tyler was turned away. While the Playboy Super Bowl party used to be invite-only, today you can gain access if you have a wad of cash.

The Playboy Party 2017 was held in Houston with performances by Flo Rida.

Past Lineups

2016: Alesso

2015: Drake and Nelly

Playboy Party Will Include:

Playboy Experience
Sexy atmosphere only Playboy can provide
Premium Cash Bar
Full Premium Cash Bar
Flo Rida

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