Following an owner’s meeting that was held in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 3, 1973, Super Bowl IX was awarded to New Orleans.

Super Bowl IX was played between the Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC) and the Minnesota Vikings (NFC) on January 12, 1975, at the Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana. The game was supposed to have been played at the Louisiana Superdome; however, delays to the stadium construction entailed that an alternative venue had to be secured.

Following an initial defensive struggle, the Pittsburg Steelers went on to defeat the Vikings by a score of 16 versus 6 to secure their first ever Super Bowl win.

This hotly contested game saw the previous year’s losers, the Minnesota Vikings, take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, who were playing the Super Bowl for the first time. The Viking’s previous track record had earned them a reputation for being unable to win big games, and the players were now determined to prove their critics wrong. However, the Steelers were by no means prepared to give the title to the Vikings without a fight. Super Bowl IX marked their first Super Bowl.

As was the case with many of the previous Super Bowls, Super Bowl IX was characterized by defensive, conservative play. In fact, the only score in the first two quarters came about when the Viking’s Fran Tarkenton messed up a pitch-out deep in the Viking’s territory and was forced to fall on the ball in the end zone.

However, the break the Steelers had been lying in wait for came following the opening kick of the third quarter, when Minnesota’s Bill Brown fumbled with the ball, allowing Marv Kellum to recover it on the Viking 30-yard line. Harris quickly attacked, successfully covering 24 yards in one carry before scoring a touchdown. However, while the Steelers managed to hold on to their 9-0 lead throughout the third period, the Vikings launched a counterattack in the final period.

The Vikings secured the ball on the Steeler’s five-yard line following a pass interference call on Mike Wagner. However, a Foreman fumble allowed Green to regain possession. Just four plays later, Bobby Walden’s punt was blocked by Matt Blair, and Terry Brown fell on it in the end zone to secure a Viking touchdown. Unfortunately, Cox failed to score the extra point, and the Steeler defense tightened. A successful 65-yard Pittsburgh drive that culminated in a four-yard scoring pass took the game out of the Vikings reach.

The MVP was awarded to Franco Harris, fullback, who scored a record 158 yards on 34 carries.

Final Score: Pittsburg Steelers (AFC) – 16 Vs. Minnesota Vikings (NFC) – 6
Date: January 12, 1975
Stadium: Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana
MVP: Franco Harris, Fullback
Favorite: Steelers by 3
Referee: Bernie Ulman
Attendance: 80,997

National anthem: Grambling State University Band
Coin toss: Bernie Ulman
Halftime show: “Tribute to Duke Ellington” performed by Mercer Ellington and the  Grambling State University Band