Following an owner’s meeting that was held in Palm Springs, California on March 17, 1970, Super Bowl V was awarded to Miami.

Super Bowl V was played at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, on January 17th, 1971 between the reigning champions, the Baltimore Colts (AFC) and the Dallas Cowboys (NFC). In a hotly contested battle, the Colts successfully defended their title with a score of 16-13.

Notable for:

  • Super Bowl V was the first ever Super Bowl to be played on an artificial turf as opposed to grass.
  • The first Super Bowl to be played following the AFL-NFL merger.
  • Despite emerging victorious, the Colts committed seven turnovers, the most ever committed by a winning team in the Super Bowl. It was for this reason that Super Bowl V earned itself the nickname “Stupor Bowl.” Rumor had it that Colts’ Bubba Smith later refused to wear the Super Bowl V ring because he was ashamed to have played in a game that featured such sloppy play.
  • Super Bowl V was the only Super Bowl in which a member of the losing team has been awarded the MVP accolade. However, Chuck Howley refused to accept the MVP award on the basis that he didn’t feel worthy.

Super Bowl V, the first following the AFL-NFL merger, was characterized by a large amount of turnovers and clumsy play. For example, although they eventually went on to win the game, the Colts lost three of five fumbles, and the Cowboys successfully intercepted the ball from their AFL rivals three times. However, the Cowboys also lost three interceptions and committed one fumble.

By the end of the second quarter, Dallas were leading the game 13-6, and it was looking very likely that an NFL team would once again reign supreme. However, perfectly timed interceptions by Mike Curtis and Rick Volt helped to secure a touchdown for Baltimore.

It was Jim O’Brien’s impressive 32-yard field goal in the last five seconds that eventually secured the Baltimore Colt’s victory over the Dallas Cowboys

The MVP award was given to a member of the losing team, Dallas’ Chuck Howley, in recognition for his impressive performance during the game, which saw him successfully intercept two passes. This was the first time a defensive player had ever been awarded MVP and the first time someone who had not been on the winning team had won the accolade.

Final Score: Baltimore Colts (AFC) 16 Vs. Dallas Cowboys (NFC) 13
Date: January 17, 1971
Stadium: Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida
MVP: Chuck Howley, Linebacker, Cowboys
Pre-game Favorite: Colts by 2.5
Referee: Norm Schachter
Attendance: 79,204

National anthem: Tommy Loy (Trumpeter)
Coin toss: Norm Schachter
Halftime show: Southeast Missouri State College Marching Golden Eagles Band with Anita Bryant