The decision to host the 1970 Super Bowl in New Orleans was made at a series of owners’ meetings in Palm Springs, California in 1969. Super Bowl IV was held on January 11, 1970, at New Orleans’ Tulane Stadium and it attracted crowds of over 80,00 spectators.

The game itself produced another shock defeat for the NFL squad, with Kansas City defeating the Minnesota Vikings by an impressive score of 23-7. AFL’s victory evened out the Super Bowl series, with both the NFL and AFL teams having won two games. It was also the last ever AFL-NFL World Championship; the following season, the two leagues became one.

Despite the New York Jet’s shock victory over the Baltimore Colts the previous year, the majority of American football fans and pundits continued to view the NFL teams as superior to their AFL counterparts. As such, the Vikings were predicted to emerge triumphant in Super Bowl IV. However, it was not to be.

Notable for:

  • In addition to marking another shock victory for the AFL over the NFL, Super Bowl IV is also of particular interest because it was the first time a head coach wore a microphone during the game. Hank Stram of the Chiefs was recorded as the action unfolded on the pitch and the recordings were later released in what became a very popular NFL Films Super Bowl film. As a result of the success of this venture, wiring players and coaches became a common phenomenon.

Despite being the underdogs, by the halftime, the Chiefs had amassed an impressive 16-point lead over the Vikings. The hero of the hour was undoubtedly the team’s quarterback, Len Dawson, whose strong defensive play and desire to win allowed him to successfully complete 12 of 17 passes for 146 yards.

The Viking’s performance in the NFL Championship Game against Cleveland, during which they had gained 222 yards, had been impressive. However, in the Super Bowl final, they gained just 67 yards against Kansas City. The usually composed and determined team suffered a series of setbacks including fumbled balls and disjointed play.

In the third quarter, Minnesota’s luck seemed to be improving, and Dave Osborn produced an impressive four-yard rushing touchdown that put the Vikings within 9 points of the leaders. However, the Chiefs refused to relinquish their lead, and they continued to shut their rivals down in the fourth quarter, successfully executing three interceptions to secure a 23–7 victory.

The MVP player was awarded to Kansas City’s Len Dawson, who has successfully completed 12 out of 17 passes, scored one touchdown, and executed one interception.

Final Score: Minnesota Vikings (NFL) – 7 Vs. Kansas City Chiefs (AFL) – 23
Date: January 11, 1970
Stadium: Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana
MVP: Len Dawson, Quarterback
Pre-game Favorite: Vikings by 12
Referee: John McDonough
Attendance: 80,562

National anthem: Doc Severinsen with Pat O’Brien
Coin toss: John McDonough
Halftime show: Mardi Gras