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Can You Tailgate at Super Bowl 2018?

So we’ve talked about the parties. We’ve talked about parking. We’ve talked about things to do in Minneapolis. But what about the most quintessential of football experiences? What about tailgating?

Can you tailgate at the Super Bowl? Is it allowed?

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Sorry, but it looks like the answer is no.

Though the NFL has been pretty silent on the issue this year, in the past they’ve made several announcements to squash fans’ tailgating hopes and curtail any game day parking lot fun.

Like in 2016 and 2017 when the NFL said there’d be no grilling or tents allowed in the parking lots of Levi’s Stadium or NRG Stadium. Or when MetLife Stadium was really strict about staying within the bounds of your own parking spot in 2014, basically forcing you to drink beers in your car… if you could even get one of the few spots available. Boo.

US Bank Stadium’s tailgating page says, “Tailgating is part of the U.S. Bank Stadium guest experience.” But then there’s this:

“Authorized tailgating in designated parking lots and ramps will be specific for Minnesota Vikings Games ONLY. Tailgating at all other U.S. Bank Stadium events will be authorized only by the parking lot operator.”

Since it’s a special event like the Super Bowl and it’s run by the NFL, they make the rules. There won’t be any public parking for fans at US Bank Stadium on the day of the big game. Instead, you’ll find the official NFL-controlled lots spread throughout downtown Minneapolis and there’s no tailgating allowed at any of those “due to space.” 

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You may be able to find yourself a private lot farther away from the stadium that allows tailgating, but it’s doubtful. For instance, for the Super Bowl parking that’s available at the University of Minnesota, the rules specifically state that no tailgating is permitted.

And many of lots in Minneapolis that’ll be open on game day are covered anyway (and you won’t be grilling brats in a parking garage.) You can check here for spots that are for sale downtown.

Yeah, it’s a bummer. But it was kind of expected.

The thing is, according to some, there’s not really a big tailgating culture at the Super Bowl anyway. Which makes sense considering most fans aren’t traveling to the Super Bowl with their usual game day gear, renting a car, and buying an expensive parking spot… much less acquiring all the necessities you’d usually bring with you like lawn chairs, tents, tables, grills, etc.

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It’s too bad the Vikings are out because Minnesota fans would’ve been well-equipped to bring their usual game day shenanigans to the Super Bowl. They would all have their trucks and tents and grills just rarin’ to go. We bet they would’ve gotten really creative in an attempt to get around the rules…

Other Places to “Tailgate”

So what are your other options for tailgating if you can’t set up shop in the parking lot? Well, you could party downtown at one of the many bars or breweries that are sure to be packed with locals (and ticketless folks) watching the game. The atmosphere is sure to be great, and you could get in a few pints before heading to the game.

You could also look into attending one of the many parties happening off-site, like The Blitz Tailgate 52 or this official game-day brunch.

The Cheapest and most affordable option is the TickPick SmartFan Pregame Party.

Or you could check out some of the more popular options for organized tailgates (no grill required) here:

TickPick SmartFan Pregame Party

Their  pregame tailgate will take place at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center downtown from 1 to 4 PM. Conveniently located so that you can head into the city after noon, party with us, and then walk to the stadium in time for kickoff, you won’t have to worry about any logistics for the rest of the day!

They’ll be honoring two Medal of Honor recipients during our festivities: Captain Flo Groberg and Sergeant First Class Leroy Petry, both of whom served tours in Afghanistan. TickPick is all about supporting our military and country, and you’ll truly be in some great company with these heroes around. Find Tickets here.

The Official 2018 NFL Tailgate Party

Since they won’t let you tailgate on your own, you may as well tailgate with them! This is fun for the whole family, featuring premium food stations, entertainment, an open bar, and autograph signings by football legends. You’ll need a Super Bowl ticket to get into this party at the Convention Center downtown. And best of all, these festivities are walkable to the stadium. We’ve got your tickets to the Official NFL Tailgate here.

The Players Tailgate

Tickets are pricey, but they’ve sold out three years in a row. The Players Tailgate is located in a heated pavilion not even a block away from US Bank Stadium, and you don’t actually need a ticket to the Super Bowl to attend.

You do need an appetite though if you’re planning on consuming your money’s worth of food at the extravagant gourmet buffet headed by Guy Fieri and a few other impressive chefs. They’ll have cushy seating, ESPN on the TV, host Charissa Thompson, and lots of NFL players roaming around. Oh, and an open bar, obviously.

52 Live at The Armory

This is NFL On Location’s pregame gift to holders of VIP Super Bowl tickets. Kelly Clarkson will be performing at this tailgate party in The Armory, just a couple blocks away from the stadium. Andrew Zimmern will be curating the menu with elevated Minnesota cuisine like smoked fish, hearty stews, and whole-roasted goat, hog, and lamb. There have even been rumors of Sting performing.

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