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Week 6 Super Bowl Contenders, Team Odds, & Current Ticket Prices

We’re now six weeks into the regular season and finally getting a feel for how these teams look. Odds to win the Super Bowl keep changing, and while a few of the usual suspects remain, some of our favorite NFL teams have been knocked from the top. Here are the four Super Bowl contenders we think have a real chance to make it to Atlanta as well as their odds to win the big game, straight outta Vegas. We’re also giving you an update on current Super Bowl ticket prices from Fan Hospitality and some of our competitors.

We’ll keep updating our picks, the official odds, and Super Bowl ticket prices each month, so check back in November when things really heat up!

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6️⃣ weeks, 6️⃣ wins.

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Super Bowl 53 Contenders

We’ve got several weeks of games to make judgments on now, and our top four Super Bowl contenders have been steadily changing. The Jags, Packers, and Vikings have fled the scene, while the Rams remain firmly in first place. The Chiefs have steamrolled into the top (like we said they would), while the Patriots can’t be pushed aside. Drew Brees and the Saints have also made a sneaky appearance as Super Bowl contenders following Week 6. Here’s a quick breakdown of the current favorites to make it to Atlanta and win Super Bowl 53.

Los Angeles Rams

These guys are the undisputed favorites to win the Super Bowl. The Rams are currently 6-0, making them the only remaining unbeaten team in the NFL. Their high-scoring game against the Vikings was a true test of the team’s offense and young quarterback, Jared Goff. Recent close calls against the Broncos (winning by only three points) and the Seahawks (winning by two) show that they’re not perfect, but they can pull it out when it matters. After Week 5, Goff had thrown for the most yards and had a higher passer rating than every QB except Drew Brees. If the Rams can remain healthy, it’s hard to see them falling to any of their NFC West opponents. Guess that’s why they’ve got 3 to 1 odds to win it all!

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Final. #KCvsNE

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Kansas City Chiefs

Despite collecting their first L against the Patriots in Week 6, the Chiefs look mighty tough. They’re averaging at least 30 points per game and some of the fewest sacks in the NFL right now. It’s possible that the Chiefs are the best team in the league, and it’s easy to see why: They’ve got Patrick Mahomes, who definitely ranks among the top quarterbacks, while Tyreek Hill might be the best and fastest wide receiver in the NFL. It’s a bold statement, but Stephen A. Smith thinks the Chiefs will be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl this year. They can run the ball and throw the ball, and playing at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City is a tough proposition for opponents. Sure, their defense is horrible, but they score fast and Mahomes is the truth!

New England Patriots

Yup, still here. Critics got down on the Pats after their early losses to the Jags and Lions left them with a 2-1 record, but Vegas never worries about them… for good reason. Brady, Gronk, and company have shown that they’re not worried either after their win against the Chiefs, who honestly appeared unstoppable until Week 6. Brady showed why he’s the GOAT, even at 41 years old, taking his team to victory with great decision-making and a fourth-quarter drive that led to a field goal for the win. Julian Edelman’s return after a four-game suspension and the acquisition of Josh Gordon in Week 4 puts the Patriots back on the map. Don’t doubt ‘em.

New Orleans Saints

This is one you might not have seen coming. But Drew Brees just set the record for most career passing yards this month and the Saints defense has greatly improved in the past few weeks. After Week 6, most outlets and power rankings agree the Saints are a top-four team. At 4-1, they’re on top of the NFC South and coming off of a relaxing bye week before a tough next few games against the Ravens, Vikings, and Rams. (And in 18 years, Brees has yet to beat the Ravens.) But hey, so far, so good. They put up 43 points against the Redskins and the Falcons and an ungodly 48 points against the Bucs. Clearly, Vegas believes.

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Sony did it.

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Team Odds of Winning Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta

One month ago, we told you to watch out for the Chiefs and now look at them movin’ on up! Despite a couple of losses, Vegas still feels confident in the Patriots. Of course, the Rams remain favorites, just as they have been since the spring. And somewhat unexpectedly, look at the Saints strengthening. Here are the top 20 teams picked to win the Super Bowl after Week 6.

Odds as of October 15 via OddsShark:

Team Odds
Los Angeles Rams +350
Kansas City Chiefs +700
New England Patriots +700
New Orleans Saints +1000
Minnesota Vikings +1200
Los Angeles Chargers +1600
Jacksonville Jaguars +2000
Philadelphia Eagles +2000
Pittsburgh Steelers +2000
Baltimore Ravens +2500
Chicago Bears +2500
Green Bay Packers +2500
Houston Texans +3300
Atlanta Falcons +4000
Carolina Panthers +4000
Cincinnati Bengals +4000
Dallas Cowboys +4000
Washington Redskins +5000
Detroit Lions +6600
Seattle Seahawks +6600
Los Angeles Rams +350

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LJ bringing the 🔥!

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Current Ticket Pricing for Super Bowl 53

Sure, it’s still early, but most sites have now listed their current Super Bowl ticket offerings. While you’re browsing, be SURE to check what the actual ticket prices are by clicking “show prices with fees” if that’s an option.

Fan still has some of the best deals around because we don’t tack on buyer fees – and that makes a huge difference (we’re talkin’ nearly $1,000). And hey, if you’re trying to splurge, we’ve even got some of those fancy club level seats available.

Fan Hospitality

Cheapest: $3,472 (Upper Level End Zone)

Best Deal: $5,132 (200 Level Sideline)

Best Seat: $15,119 (SunTrust Club)

Vivid Seats (prices listed without fees calculated)

Cheapest: $3,740 (Upper Level Endzone)

Best Seats: $9,411 (Lower Level Sideline Club)

StubHub (tickets + fees)

Cheapest: $5,892 (Upper Corner 302)

Best Seats: $20,462 (SunTrust Club)

SeatGeek (tickets + fees)

Cheapest: $4,350 (Upper Corner, Section 348, Row 19)

Best Deal: $6,372 (Upper Level Sideline, Section 341, Row 16)

Best Seats: $17,373 (Lower Level Sideline Club, Section C128, Row 21)

Just for reference, according to VividSeats, beginning in January of last year, the cheapest “get in the door” Super Bowl 52 ticket was $3,095. Following the AFC and NFC Championships in 2018, the average Super Bowl ticket cost around $5,694, up 8% from the year before. If you’re serious about going to Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta and you have a good feeling about your team, current prices are looking decent. Check out the no-fee tickets we’ve got at Fan. Check back next month to see updated Super Bowl ticket price comparisons.

Who’s going to Super Bowl 53? Are you interested in heading to Atlanta?


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