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Super Bowl Contenders, Team Odds, & Current Ticket Prices for Super Bowl After Week 2

Yep, we’re going to keep making Super Bowl picks each month here on Fan. After a couple weekends’ worth of regular season games and a few surprises along the way, we’re in a slightly better position to update our predictions and lay out the odds for you. Okay, not really, but the experts are… and hey, this is fun, right? Here are the top four teams we think have a chance to make it to Atlanta along with their odds of winning as Vegas sees ’em, plus current Super Bowl ticket prices from Fan Hospitality and some of our competitors. We’ll keep updating our picks, odds, and prices each month, so check back in October!

Super Bowl 53 Contenders

So we’ve seen all the teams in action and we’re working off of two real NFL games now. As suspected, the Jags have proven they’re a team to fear, while the Packers and Eagles have made us question their potential. And the Rams and Patriots stuck around for another month (at least). Pssst, they’re not in our top four but the Chiefs are also on the move, so expect them to be a team to watch!

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Hi haters.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Sorry, Steelers, without Le’Veon Bell, you’ve been replaced by the Jags who looked excellent this weekend against the Patriots. (Though we always knew they had it in ’em!) An impressive Blake Bortles turned the heads of fans and even his fellow players by startling the Patriots defense and throwing four touchdowns and 377 yards at home last weekend. They were clearly hyped for the game and executed well, moving them from +1200 to +900 in the odds to win the Super Bowl. Their defense is looking elite, as advertised, and their offense succeeded even without Leonard Fournette. While their win against the Giants wasn’t anything to brag about, this quality win against the Pats surely was. Plus, there aren’t any big threats in the AFC South to write home about.

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Squad goals.

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New England Patriots

Yeah, yeah, they’re still up here. Despite their loss to the Jaguars last weekend, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Brady and Belichick don’t have a solid chance at the Super Bowl. After the past several years, it just feels like they belong there… not that we’re hoping for it. Still, the oddsmakers think they do. Vegas doesn’t feel we should fret over New England just yet – supposedly, they have a surprising loss every September. It doesn’t hurt that they just traded for wide receiver Josh Gordon, assuaging any hurt feelings that remained after their unexpected loss to the Jags – the idea of pairing him with Brady is thrilling to many. They have an easy matchup against the Lions next week and a pretty weak AFC East in general, so they’ll have no problem getting the Ws they need for the postseason… probably.

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#VictoryMonday 😤

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Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are now tied with the Pats for the best odds to win Super Bowl 53 at +650. They’ve had arguably the best offseason of any team in the NFL with tons of acquisitions, and based on their preseason, you’d believe they’re bound for the big game. They simply look great on paper. Still, the NFC is deeper, so the fact that Vegas has had them highly ranked for several months straight says something big. Under head coach Sean McVay, expectations are rising, but we can’t be sure yet since their first two games against the Raiders and the Cardinals weren’t super difficult. We’ll find out more after they play the Chargers and the Vikings, which brings us to…

Minnesota Vikings

Ahh, we’re also replacing the Packers with the Vikings, because Vegas says so. Their odds have improved from +1100 to +800 (though they’re now at +900), one of the biggest leaps on the Super Bowl contenders board. This is probably due to their domination over the 49ers in a 24-16 win in Week 1. The defense looked great, nabbing three interceptions and forcing a fumble. Despite tying the Packers in Week 2, the oddsmakers seem to prefer the Bold North over Green Bay for the long-haul. It probably has something to do with Kirk Cousins throwing for 425 yards and four touchdowns at Lambeau Field. He matched up well with Aaron Rodgers, and that’s saying something. And Stefon Diggs… well, haven’t you seen the commercial where everything sticks to that guy’s hands?

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0 sacks allowed.

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NFL Team Odds of Winning Super Bowl 53

While the Patriots still reign, the Jags have moseyed their way to the top of the charts with the Rams and Vikings. The Eagles and Steelers have notably dropped in the ranks. Here are the odds of the top 20 teams picked to win the Super Bowl after Week 2. Again, watch out for the Chiefs – they might be moving in.

Odds as of September 18 via OddsShark and Bovada:

Team Odds
New England Patriots +650
Los Angeles Rams +650
Minnesota Vikings +900
Jacksonville Jaguars +900
Green Bay Packers +1200
Philadelphia Eagles +1200
Kansas City Chiefs +1200
Pittsburgh Steelers +1600
New Orleans Saints +1800
Atlanta Falcons +1800
Los Angeles Chargers +2000
San Francisco 49ers +2800
Carolina Panthers +3300
Baltimore Ravens +3300
Denver Broncos +3300
Dallas Cowboys +3300
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3300
Chicago Bears +3500
Houston Texans +4000
Cincinnati Bengals +4000

Current Ticket Pricing for Super Bowl 53

Yeah, it’s only Week 2, so lots of folks still aren’t selling Super Bowl tickets yet. But we’ve still got some of the best deals around at Fan – in fact, our cheapest ticket actually just got a little cheaper!

And if you’re trying to splurge, we’ve even got some of those fancy club level seats. Check back next month to see more price comparisons!

Fan Hospitality

Cheapest: $3,440 (Upper Level End Zone)

Best Deal: $6,387 (Lower Level Sideline)

Best Seat: $16,039 (SunTrust Club)

Vivid Seats

Cheapest: $3,756 (Upper Level Corner)

Best Seats: $9,159 (Lower Level Sideline Club)


Not available yet.


Not available yet.

Just FYI, the price of the cheapest Super Bowl 52 ticket last year was around $3,626 while the average ticket cost around $5,682. So if you’re serious about going to the Super Bowl no matter who’s playing – or you have a good feeling about your team – these prices are looking pretty darn good. Check out what we’ve got for sale at Fan.

Which teams are your pick for Super Bowl 53? Had any changes of heart after these last two games?

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