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How to Survive the Deep Freeze During the Bold North Super Bowl

So much for unseasonably warm temps in Minneapolis! As we write this, it’s a chilling 6 degrees in the Twin Cities. And over the next week, it’s not expected to get above freezing except, oh, maybe once. And it’s going to snow on Saturday.

But get this, it looks like Super Bowl Sunday will be the most frigid of them all. We’re talking single digits, potentially between 2 and 6 degrees (are those even real temperatures?) This will potentially be the coldest Super Bowl in history! The current record is held by the 1982 game played in Pontiac, Michigan with 16 degrees. Yeah, looks like Minneapolis is gonna smash that record.

Thank goodness the game is indoors.

We’re not weathermen, but here’s a little insight into the Minneapolis weather and how to survive the deep freeze that’s coming to the Bold North Super Bowl.

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While Idina Menzel may have exaggerated the cold when she kicked off Super Bowl LIVE in 47-degree weather (she probably did it for the Instagram caption), it’s about to get a lot more frozen in Minnesota. Pun intended.

While we expected it to be bone-chilling, the upcoming cold weather is actually below average for locals who claim they won’t think it’s really cold out until it gets to -15 or -20. With Scandinavian roots and hobbies like ice fishing, they know how to prepare for winter. In fact, they seem to thrive in it.

When the Super Bowl’s organizing committee advertised that they needed 10,000 volunteers, they got 30,000 responses from locals. And this year, these folks are embracing the cold weather instead of apologizing for it. Where do you think the #BoldNorth tagline came from? If you’re headed to the Super Bowl, try to be more like them.

“This is Minnesota,” said retired Vikings coach, Bud Grant. “We don’t ask how cold it is outside. We just go outside.”

Luckily, both teams hail from cold-weather states too. And anyway, they’ll be practicing indoors. But what about the visiting fans?

Well, for starters, Eagles fans may have already gotten a taste of the frigid cold from some bitter Vikings fans. But we digress…

Just in time for Sunday, a polar vortex of Arctic air will be heading down to the states, dropping temperatures to 20 degrees below the average temps for this time of year. If you’re not used to it, the weather is gonna feel pretty brutal, but you’ll just have to bundle up. Bring a heavy coat, gloves, scarves, boots, thick socks (maybe double up on those), and definitely remember to bring something to cover your head and ears!

Don’t worry, if you don’t pack appropriately, there will be plenty of businesses in the Twin Cities ready and willing to sell you some cold weather gear and NFL merch. You needed a Super Bowl hoodie and hat anyway, right?

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If you want to avoid spending too much time out on the chilly streets while you’re there, remember to make use of the Minneapolis Skyway. You can roam around downtown (and walk all the way to the stadium) in climate-controlled glass walkways. If you do head out into the streets – which you should because there’s going to be a lot going on – just keep an eye out for icy patches.

And if you don’t normally drive in snow or icy weather, for goodness sakes, don’t try to do it now on your (already very expensive) Super Bowl weekend away from home. We don’t care how far away from the stadium you’re staying.

For the actual game – yes, even inside US Bank Stadium – we’d recommend wearing layers. While it won’t be super warm, the body heat and all that excitement should make things comfortable. The key is layers! Walk there in your winter coat, hat, scarf, and gloves. Then be sure to throw on a t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, or hoodie underneath so that you can peel them off as things heat up during the game.

Yeah, it’s cold in Minnesota. We get it. And we expect there will be a lot of whining and complaining. But use this as an opportunity to enjoy a snowy landscape, check out the ice sculptures downtown, and heck, maybe try some cross-country skiing.

Try to enjoy the cold weather. Adopt the right attitude. Like they do in the #BoldNorth.

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