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The Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee – The Job, Key Players, & Volunteers

The Super Bowl is part sport, part entertainment, part event planning, and part logistics nightmare. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Around 30 somebodies to be exact. Atlanta has wrangled the best folks in the biz to put together the biggest sporting event in America when it comes to the city next year.

But who heads up the Super Bowl Host Committee? What sort of people are willing to take on a massive job like this? And how do they prepare for it? Well, we actually know the answer to that. Here’s a little introduction to the Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee…

First, what does the Super Bowl Host Committee do?

According to their website, the committee is a private non-profit group that plans, organizes, and supports the activities and events that enhance the Super Bowl experience for Atlanta, the state, and the entire Southeast. They take care of the entertainment options, culture, attractions, and food. They’ll introduce fans and visitors to what Atlanta is all about.

The Host Committee is formed under the Atlanta Sports Council and it basically serves as the liaison between the NFL and the city of Atlanta.

Who are the big names involved?

The Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee is made up of board members and staff. The board members are key players from major US corporations, local tourism departments, and government entities in Georgia. Dan Corso is the President of the Atlanta Sports Council. Rick McCay is the President of the Atlanta Falcons. Frank Poe is the Executive Director of the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, which includes the Mercedes Benz Stadium, Georgia Dome, and Centennial Olympic Park. William Pate is the President of the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The final five board members are higher-ups in companies like SunTrust, WestRock, United Distributors, and local entities like Central Atlanta Progress and the City of Atlanta itself.

The host committee’s 21 staff members are there to handle things like project management, volunteer programs, legal counsel, marketing, sponsors and events, logistics, finance, accounting, and community engagement. Basically everything you might need when throwing one of the world’s largest events.

According to recent news, Falcons marketing director Jen Johns was recently named vice president of the committee’s marketing and communications too.

Read more about the members on the host committee website.

The Atlanta Host Committee’s prep work.

Oh, and they’ve been at this for a while…

Atlanta was awarded the right to host Super Bowl LIII in May of 2016 and it’s safe to say they haven’t wasted much time getting a jump on things. Atlanta has hosted the Super Bowl twice before – 1994 and 2000 – but of course, this year there’s a new stadium involved and new standards from the past 17 years to live up to!

The Atlanta Host Committee ventured up to Minnesota in February to take notes on Super Bowl LII. But they actually got a head start on things as far back as 2017 when they took a behind-the-scenes tour of Houston’s Super Bowl. The NFL organized for the ATL folks to come down and take part in hours and hours of meetings and tours, take a look around Super Bowl LIVE and other official hospitality events, and even attend the big game itself! (Lucky…)

What about the volunteers?

Of course, 30-some people can’t handle everything involved in the spectacle that is the Super Bowl. None of this would be possible without having a few (thousand) great people from Atlanta come out to lend their support.

Just like Minneapolis had an overwhelming amount of people volunteer their time, it looks like the same is going to happen in ATL. The Host Committee says it hopes to have 10,000 vetted volunteers after completing their interview and background check process. However, they believe they’ll get far more than a mere 10,000 volunteer applications.

We think they’re right – they got 5,000 applications on the first day registration opened up.

Super Bowl volunteers serve in many different capacities, but according to Host Committee COO Brett Daniels, they’ll be “looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers to help us provide a warm welcome to more than one million visitors during Super Bowl Week. The positive experience visiting fans will have will be in large part due to the interaction they have with our TEAM ATL volunteers. We look forward to showcasing the diversity, spirit and character of our region through this program.”

Background checks and one-on-one interviews will take place this summer for wannabe volunteers. If they make the cut, there will be orientation, kickoff events, and training involved. They also get a sweet volunteer uniform with a polo shirt, jacket, and scarf.

Volunteers get to help out at airports, hotels, and official NFL and Host Committee events throughout the city. Unfortunately, volunteering won’t get you a free ticket to the actual Super Bowl. There aren’t any volunteers opportunities to be stationed inside the stadium on game day. Darn!

You can read more details on how to apply to volunteer at the Atlanta Super Bowl here.

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