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Former NFL Player Ricky Williams is Hosting a Super Bowl Sunday Weed Party

Want to go to a weed-friendly Super Bowl Party?

A Super Bowl Pot Party. A Cannabis Football Soiree. We’re not really sure what you should call it. But it’s definitely a private party hosted by a famous athlete where you can watch the game and get high.

Yeah, this ain’t your father’s Super Bowl party. But we bet there will be some awesome snacks there…

Former NFL player, pro bowler, and Heisman winner, Ricky Williams is hosting a Super Bowl Party at a private residence somewhere in the Hollywood Hills… the location is a secret for now, but we do know that it’s advertised as a “cannabis-friendly” environment.

There will be an open bar and “American gourmet” food (made with stoner style creativity, we assume). You’ll get to watch the game with Ricky and even take a photo with him if you like. Yes, all of this is listed in the formal invitation.

You’ll also get an “Exclusive Pre Game Preview from Ricky.” We only hope that means he’ll get high and give his guests a breakdown of the big game from his point of view. The party starts at 2PM, so it looks like there will be some time for hanging out and smoking up before kickoff.

You can also win some signed gear while you’re there.

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Space is limited to 50 people who’ll get to eat, drink, and blaze with Ricky and his friends. And you have to request an invite.

Tickets are $300 per person. And guys, it’s BYOW. Don’t forget.

You have to be at least 21 years old to attend, and only 25 tickets are available right now. Supposedly, the early bird tickets – which went for $250 – are already sold out. That could be a marketing ploy or it could mean that those other 25 people at the party will be Ricky’s close buddies.

Everybody knows Ricky really loves pot. He’s a well-known enthusiast and advocate for the stuff and had several public run-ins with it during the 12 seasons he played for the Saints and the Dolphins. Ricky’s career was interspersed with a couple “retirements” and suspensions by the NFL after he tested positive for marijuana multiple times.

But now it seems he’s embraced his stoner-athlete reputation. He has referred to himself as “the high guy” on TV and he’s even a co-founder in the world’s first weed-friendly gym in San Francisco where, oh yes, you can smoke weed and then work out. He’s a big believer in the amazing properties of recreational weed and the poster boy for marijuana use by athletes.

Since retiring from the NFL, he’s been busy reading, learning, and traveling the world to attend conferences, speak with investors, and come up with ideas all relating to the weed business. Ricky once spoke at a marijuana conference event called “Pro Football, Pro Cannabis.”

He’s even had a strain of weed named after him: #34 OG.

Besides becoming a proponent of marijuana as an alternative medicine, Ricky has gotten into yoga, meditation, and astrology.  He hopes to get the NFL to reconsider its drug policy and potentially use marijuana as a pain relief option for players.

So really, if you snag a ticket to his Super Bowl party, you might actually learn a thing or two from the man! We can only imagine the topics that will come up in conversation…

And if you go, do us a favor. Please, please, for the love of Super Bowl Sunday, tell us how it is!

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