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Costco is Offering Super Bowl Ticket Packages… Wait, What?

The same place you can stock up on massive quantities of toilet paper and giant pallets of mayonnaise is now offering… Super Bowl tickets?* Costco is all about good deals, but this is a really big-ticket item for them (no pun intended).

Super Bowl tickets aren’t the sort of thing you’d expect to find on sale for a bargain price. And especially not at Costco. But the thing is, these ticket packages might actually be worth a look…

(No, unfortunately you can’t buy them in bulk. This ain’t mayonnaise.)

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Costco has partnered with NFL on Location to offer these exclusive Super Bowl Ticket Packages to its members. There hasn’t been too much advertising going on about it, but the highlights that we’ve uncovered include the following:

  • One Super Bowl Ticket for $5,000 (with a maximum purchase of two tickets per member)
  • $2,500 Costco Gift Card with each ticket
  • Entry to a 3-Hour Pre-Game Party

Okay, the seats probably aren’t amazing (we’re talking 300-level), the pre-game party is likely a very un-fancy buffet with pigs in a blanket (is it a Costco party or an NFL on Location party?), and there are a few stipulations, of course:

  • If you purchase two tickets, the seats aren’t guaranteed together. Womp.
  • You’ve got to buy the package with an existing Costco account and a Visa card.
  • Tickets will be shipped by UPS in late January.
  • The deal expires January 26th.*

Your order will be fulfilled by NFL on Location, so these tickets truly are legit. If you’d hopped on this deal early – like in November – Costco was even throwing in hotel accommodation for three nights, transportation, and some merch.

But you know what? If you’re just a solo fan trying to get to the Super Bowl and go shopping at Costco A LOT when you get home, it might just be a solid deal for you. Sure you’ll have to sit by yourself, but you’ll make some friends in the stadium, right?!

Package to Super Bowl LI in Houston, courtesy of Visa. This exclusive package includes tickets, hotel accommodations and…

Posted by Costco on Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Our Verdict: As it stands, with the current market for Super Bowl prices hovering around $4,000, this is a great deal if you’re trying to buy a single ticket. But if you’re trying to buy a pair of tickets (like if you actually have friends or family you’d like to go with), this isn’t really an option for you. We assume you’re not going to spend $10,000 to not sit together at the biggest sporting event of the year… even with that $5,000 Costco credit for all the mayonnaise you could ever want.

*Update: We just learned that these packages were taken down this morning. Maybe Costco and NFL on Location actually ran the numbers and discovered the prices for tickets have come up so much that they’d be practically giving them away at this point!

Oh well, hopefully someone snatched it up while it lasted!

Good thing you can still find great deals on Super Bowl Packages and tickets here on Fan! All of our tickets purchased together are guaranteed to be seated together and the cheapest pairs were $4,000 per ticket as of January 15th!

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