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NFL Super Bowl 54 Lottery – Surprise Ticket Giveaways to Fans in 2020!

As we’ve explained in a previous post, the NFL no longer hosts the Super Bowl ticket lottery – at least not in the traditional sense. It’s not a random drawing now, but more of a ticket giveaway for fans with a selection process. According to the NFL’s official statement, “Throughout the 2019 season, our teams will surprise fans with free tickets to Super Bowl LIV in Miami. By the season’s end, we will give away a total of 500 free Super Bowl tickets.”

That means these days, the league is giving away tickets to serious fans and all-around awesome people of their choosing. So how can you be among these lucky 500 people? According to the NFL, “These tickets will be given to our most deserving fans, those who exemplify the heart of their team’s spirit. From community heroes to the most avid followers, we hope to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for NFL fans around the globe.”

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We’ve already updated you with a few of the fan giveaways that happened in 2019, but who else has been surprised with tickets this year? And who’s gotten them since we found out that it’ll be a Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl? Here’s a look at some of those lucky fans! (Warning: You might need a tissue for this!)

A Preschool Teacher in Kansas City

This weekend, lifelong Chiefs fan Rudy Liggins was surprised with Super Bowl tickets at the AFC Championship game. Liggins has dedicated 42 years to helping children “who have experienced life’s deepest hurts” through his work at the Children’s Place, a nonprofit in Kansas City. On Sunday, the NFL invited him and several others to watch the Chiefs take on the Titans. 

Liggins thought the invite was just to acknowledge the work he’d done in the community over the years, but it was actually Chiefs co-owner Clark Hunt and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who brought him to the game to surprise him with two Super Bowl tickets. The nonprofit has worked with the Chiefs in the past and that’s how the team learned about Liggins, his dedication to the kids, and his plans to retire this summer.

Liggins, who couldn’t believe the news at first, plans to take his son to the game with him, saying, “I feel very blessed and grateful that I get to go.” According to news sources, in addition to tickets, it looks like his flight and hotel will be covered too!

A Wounded Warrior in Florida

A couple of weeks ago, Tampa Bay Buccaneer and Super Bowl 37 MVP Dexter Jackson surprised Marine veteran Corporal Mike Delancey with Super Bowl tickets to say thank you for his service, sacrifice, and work with other veterans.

During his second deployment in Iraq, Delancey was shot in the spine and paralyzed, spending 42 days in the intensive care unit. After his recovery, he formed a charity to help injured veterans participate in recreational activities and aid in their rehabilitation processes. He explained, “I want to motivate fellow warriors to recover from their injuries as best they can and to never give up.”

Jackson showed up to meet Delancey and hand him the tickets, saying, ““Just coming out here to show my support and say thank you for the service you gave this country… Super Bowl tickets can’t comp that but it’s a start.” These tickets were courtesy of the NFL and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Two Activists for the Deaf Community

Karamo of hit TV show Queer Eye joined the NFL for this giveaway last week. As a well-known advocate for the deaf community himself, he surprised two fellow activists with tickets to the Super Bowl in Miami. Karamo got in touch via video chat and signed his message to Tim Wood and Lisette Molina-Wood, who were totally surprised.

The couple, who are themselves deaf, support deaf individuals and their families through interpreter services and help with communication via telephone.

Bay Area Boys & Girls Club Coordinator

Roger Goodell personally surprised yet another fan at an NFL playoff game this January when he brought Miguel, a coordinator of the Boys & Girls Club in South San Francisco, out on the field. The Commissioner shook his hand and let him know he appreciated all the work he’s doing with kids, handing him two tickets to the Super Bowl for his “selfless acts” and changing these kids’ lives.

Lucky for San Francisco fan Miguel, the 49ers will be heading to the big game!

Philadelphia Nonprofit Leader 

It seems Goodell is excited about rewarding people who help today’s youth. At the Eagles-Seahawks playoff game on January 5th, Goodell met up with nonprofit founder Jackson Duncan to congratulate him on all the work he’s done with young student-athletes. After growing up in the foster system, Duncan founded Focus Athletics to help inner-city kids become positive role models in the community. His programs and academic support systems help local Philadelphia kids use sports to get college degrees. 

Goodell surprised Jackson and one of his mentees with two Super Bowl tickets to Miami out on the Eagles’ field. As you can see in the video, the young guy can hardly speak he’s so shocked. The Eagles won’t be there, but these guys will!

A Rugby Legend in the UK

The NFL headed all the way across the pond to the UK to surprise a devoted fan and professional athlete with some big news. Rob Burrow of the Leeds Rhinos rugby team was recently diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, and he’s been a Seahawks fan for years. 

Earlier this month, the NFL teamed up with the Rhinos to bring Burrow a Russell Wilson jersey, cap, and two tickets to the Super Bowl in Miami! Sounds like he’s excited about the warm weather…

A Texas Superfan

Texans mascot Toro got in on this one. He colluded with the NFL team to surprise Houston Texans superfan “Debbie the Texan” with Super Bowl tickets in a sneaky way.

They brought Debbie into the stadium on the premise of having her film an advertisement to get fans to tune into the Texans’ playoff game. Little did she know the cue cards would read, “I’m Debbie the Texan and I’m going to the Super Bowl.”

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