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What Super Bowl Odds Look Like Right Now – Week 16

Currently, we’ve got a good idea which teams are out and which teams are heading to the playoffs. Which means now we’re looking at the odds of those teams heading to the Super Bowl… and winning it.

And shocker, Vegas has made it official: the Patriots are on top once again.


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After beating the Steelers in a heartbreaking finale the other week, the Patriots are set to take the top seed in the AFC. That’s a scary prospect since the Patriots with Tom Brady are nearly unbeatable at home in the playoffs. The Steelers, meanwhile, have another game left to play, but they’ve clinched their second seed and a first-round bye in the playoffs. (The Jaguars lost their chance to swoop in there with their latest loss.)

Even though the Panthers beat the Vikings a couple weeks ago, the beloved host city team is still in the mix after spanking the Bengals and Green Bay. The Vikings – along with the Eagles – stand to grab a bye in the playoffs if they can just win their next game.

Super Bowl LII Odds (for Week 16)

Team Vegas SB% Conf% Div% Playoffs
New England Patriots 7/4 30.92% 47.64% 100% 100%
Pittsburgh Steelers 9/2 10.55% 21.20% 100% 100%
Minnesota Vikings 5/1 9.48% 22.42% 100% 100%
Philadelphia Eagles 10/1 13.96% 32.47% 100% 100%
New Orleans Saints 10/1 4.54% 11.13% 64.1% 96.5%
Los Angeles Rams 10/1 10.08% 19.89% 96.8% 97.8%
Atlanta Falcons 12/1 2.44% 6.04% 10.5% 90.1%
Jacksonville Jaguars 12/1 6.75% 12.95% 93% 100%
Carolina Panthers 18/1 2.50% 6.67% 25.4% 85.9%
Kansas City Chiefs 25/1 5.77% 11.49% 97.8% 97.8%
Baltimore Ravens 35/1 1.37% 3.21% 0% 76.2%
Los Angeles Chargers 35/1 0.25% 0.64% 2.2% 14.3%
Dallas Cowboys 60/1 0.14% 0.58% 0% 9.5%
Tennessee Titans 100/1 0.53% 1.58% 7% 69.6%
Buffalo Bills 100/1 0.46% 1.28% 0% 40.5%
Seattle Seahawks 100/1 0.22% 0.62% 3.2% 12.7%
Detroit Lions 300/1 0.06% 0.18% 0% 7.5%
Miami Dolphins OFF 0.01% 0.01% 0% 1.5%
Oakland Raiders OFF 0% 0% 0% 0.2%

As for the Wild Cards…

Things are getting weird in the NFC, because although the Panthers have a better record than the Falcons, Vegas is betting on the Falcons and the Saints (who have the same record) over them. But it seems we’ll have all that straightened out since the Falcons lost to the Saints on Sunday and the Panthers take on the Falcons in Week 17.

Either way, the Panthers and the Saints are both in the playoffs now, and the Falcons are fighting to make it in.

Winning TD ☑️ Playoff berth ☑️

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After embarrassing the Seahawks, the Rams are in the running as a three-seed while the Seahawks are almost out of it all, though a win against the Cowboys on Sunday helped them. But you never know with the NFC. With the perfect storm of wins and losses, the Seahawks could make it in as a last minute sixth-seed. The Lions are out though.

As for the AFC, the Jaguars are solidly in the playoffs, having clinched their division despite a pretty unfortunate loss to the 49ers. (Unlike most teams that are definitely out of the playoffs, the 49ers didn’t get the memo not to try.) Everybody always talks a lot of trash about the Jaguars, but they could make it to the AFC championship because of their formidable playoff defense.

Scoop. Score. High-five.

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Oh, and all the Ravens have to do is beat the Bengals in their last game to get into the playoffs. But if they don’t, the Chargers and the Bills still have a chance to get in there.

Right now, the playoffs look like this:

First Round Bye: Patriots, Steelers First Round Bye: Eagles, Vikings
Wild Cards: Wild Cards:
Ravens, Jaguars, Titans, Chiefs Falcons, Rams, Panthers, Saints
Still Alive: Still Alive:
Chargers, Bills Seahawks

And remember, the number-one seed will play the lowest-seeded wild card team once the playoff brackets are solidified. If you need a pretty picture with a breakdown of every possible scenario, here you go.

Huge 3rd down conversion by @dmorg_82. #MINvsGB

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Super Bowl Contenders

Will the Patriots return to the big game once again? Can anyone stop them?

Will we finally see a host city’s team play in the Super Bowl for the first time in history? (Word on the street is that the NFL would love that to happen.) Or will someone else besides the Vikings or the Eagles be able to creep into the NFC slot? The Saints still look good with that defense…

As of last week, Vegas had the Eagles vs. the Patriots as the most likely Super Bowl matchup, despite the season-ending injury of Philadelphia’s quarterback. But who really knows?!

We’ve only got a few weeks left to sort all this out. With some easy calls (if there are such things this late in the NFL regular season) and some close games left to play, the magic of football is about to start unfolding, so we’ll just have to keep watching to see if our team makes it… and if we’ll rush to snatch up Super Bowl tickets once the matchup is set.

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