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Super Bowl Contenders, Team Odds, and Current Ticket Pricing for Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta

Sure, it’s a little early to be talking about the Super Bowl… Or is it?

Sports experts, oddsmakers, and even pro athletes like Tony Romo are making their picks and laying their bets on which teams are going to make it to Atlanta, so why can’t we? Here are our picks for top Super Bowl contenders along with team odds of winning and current ticket prices from Fan Hospitality and some of our competitors. We’ll keep updating our picks, odds, and prices each month, so check back once the NFL regular season gets underway!

All in.

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Super Bowl 53 Contenders

No, we don’t have any real games to help us make decisions yet, but based on the past and what we do know, here are our predictions for teams that could make it to the Super Bowl in 2019.

Patriots. Booorrring. Yeah, we know. But the Patriots have gotta stay up here with the likes of Tom Brady, Gronk, Belichick, and the fact that the AFC East is a super easy division. Another fun stat? The Patriots have won 12 or more games every season since 2010 and they’ve been to three out of the past four Super Bowls. Since they’ve also won the AFC East 15 times in the past 17 seasons, that makes the playoffs much more navigable for them. If this is a numbers game, the Patriots have gotta make our  (and everyone else’s) short list for Super Bowl contenders.

Rams. Recently, the Rams have risen to the top of the oddsmakers’ NFC favorites. This team has been totally revamped with the acquisition of players like Brandin Cooks, Marcus Peters, Ndamukong Suh, and Aqib Talib. The NFC is, of course, much tougher and deeper – with real competition from the Packers, Saints, Eagles, and Vikings – but the Rams still look good against their competition. Since May, they’ve been favorites to win the next Super Bowl, and their odds just keep growing.

Packers. Aaron Rodgers is back, baby! (Well, we hope.) Vegas thinks a healthy Rodgers might just get the Packers all the way to the big game. They also have a pretty easy schedule this season… well, compared to their fellow NFC teams. They’ve made the playoffs eight times in the past 10 years, falling short last year because of an injured Rodgers. Now CBS sports analyst and former QB himself Tony Romo says he’s watched the Packers in action and they’ve gotten better than any other team in the offseason. Rodgers and new player Jimmy Graham are rumored to be especially lethal in the red zone. The Packers also have new offensive and defensive coordinators on board.

Eagles. Some oddsmakers are calling for a rematch. Yes, we may in fact see a do-over of last year’s Super Bowl (yawn). Regular season MVP contender Carson Wentz is supposedly going be ready to start at quarterback after recovering from a torn ACL last season and they’ve got Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles as backup. Not bad, huh? They’ve also got the majority of their starters from last year returning. For that reason, the Eagles were given 10 to 1 odds to win Super Bowl 53 as early as February this year and they’ve remained at the top of the odds charts ever since.

Steelers. Not as frequently talked about, but a big contender nonetheless, you can’t discount the offensive combination of Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown. Faves to win the AFC North if they can dodge the Ravens, the Steelers are known for being able to dismantle any team’s defense on any given Sunday. So long as they can focus on dominating the Patriots and the Jaguars don’t get in their way, they could easily have a shot at their seventh Super Bowl win, an NFL record.

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Team Odds of Winning Super Bowl 53

The Patriots (duh), Rams, Steelers, Eagles, and Packers make the top of everybody’s list… but the odds do fluctuate a little depending who you ask. Here are the top 20 teams picked to win the Super Bowl, right now anyway.

Odds as of August 20 via OddsShark and Bovada:

Team Odds
New England Patriots +700
Los Angeles Rams +850
Pittsburgh Steelers +1000
Philadelphia Eagles +1000
Green Bay Packers +1200
Minnesota Vikings +1200
New Orleans Saints +1600
Los Angeles Chargers +1800
Houston Texans +2000
Atlanta Falcons +2000
Jacksonville Jaguars +2000
San Francisco 49ers +2200
Dallas Cowboys +2600
Oakland Raiders +2800
Kansas City Chiefs +3300
Baltimore Ravens +4000
Carolina Panthers +4000
Denver Broncos +4500
Tennessee Titans +4500
New York Giants +5000


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Odds as of August 24 via Sports Illustrated:

Team Odds
New England Patriots +500
Philadelphia Eagles +900
Green Bay Packers +1000
Los Angeles Rams +1000
Pittsburgh Steelers +1000
Minnesota Vikings +1200
New Orleans Saints +1600
Dallas Cowboys +2000
Jacksonville Jaguars +2000
San Francisco 49ers +2000
Atlanta Falcons +2200
Houston Texans +2200
Los Angeles Chargers +2200
Kansas City Chiefs +2800
Carolina Panthers +3300
Seattle Seahawks +3300
Baltimore Ravens +4000
Denver Broncos +4000
Oakland Raiders +4000
Tennessee Titans +4000

Current Ticket Pricing for Super Bowl 53

It’s a little early to be shopping (unless you’ve got a good feeling about your team). But we’ve still got some of the best deals around. Check back later to see more price comparisons.

Fan Hospitality

Cheapest: $3,563 (Upper Level End Zone)

Best Deal: $6,387 (Lower Level Sideline)

Best Seat: $14,687 (SunTrust Club)

Vivid Seats

Cheapest: $3,756 (Upper Level Corner)

Best Seats: $9,159 (Lower Level Sideline Club)


Not available yet!


Not available yet!

Last year, the price of the cheapest Super Bowl ticket was around $3,626 while the average ticket cost around $5,682. So as you can see, if you’re down to go to the Super Bowl no matter who’s playing, these prices are looking pretty good.

Which teams are your pick for Super Bowl 53?

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