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Week 11 Super Bowl Odds, Contenders, & Current Ticket Prices

We’ve now wrapped up 11 weeks of regular season football and things are getting intense. There are three elite NFL teams who are clearly in the running to win the Super Bowl and we’d be surprised if at least two of them didn’t make it to the big game. Of course, anything can still happen. Here are our picks for Super Bowl contenders as well as their official odds to win the big game, straight outta the Vegas sportsbooks. We’re also providing you with a look at current Super Bowl ticket prices from Fan Hospitality and a few of our competitors.

We’ll keep updating our picks, the official odds, and Super Bowl ticket prices each month, so check back in December when things get even more heated!

Super Bowl 53 Contenders

Before now, you could’ve claimed you didn’t really know who the best teams in the NFL were, but now that we’re over halfway through the season, let’s not mess around anymore. The Rams, the Chiefs, and the Saints are clearly the best. And we don’t see that changing any time soon. But who else is in the mix now? Here’s a quick breakdown of our current favorites to make it to Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are incredible this year. You can’t deny it. Jared Goff has shown that he can master the playbook, throw with deadly accuracy, and heck, he can run the ball too. Yes, their offense is excellent. But they’ve also got a little defense going for them now (finally). His name is Aaron Donald and he can create strip sacks with his fantastic speed and power. The Rams look like a team who can win the Super Bowl… and we’d feel even more confident saying that if they could just improve their defense a bit more. After that Monday night shootout with the Chiefs (the record-setting 54-51 scoreboard and the 1,000+ yards of offense), we may have just gotten a look at the only team who can beat them this deep in the season. Well, other than the Saints who already have…  and well, would you look at who the next two teams on this list are?!

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Kansas City Chiefs

Man, can these guys score fast! Especially when they need to. Patrick Mahomes is phenomenal and confident, and he looks like he’s going to be good for a long time. The speedy Tyreek Hill and three-time Pro Bowler Travis Kelce are total offensive weapons too. The only thing that’s a little demoralizing about the Chiefs, aside from the ridiculous number of penalties they racked up in that game against the Rams, is their lack of defense. They’re really struggling there and experts are questioning whether an offense-only team can win in the playoffs. But let’s be honest, that Rams-Chiefs didn’t prove who was better. It just showed that both these teams are, like, really good. 

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New Orleans Saints

According to many, this is the best team in football right now. They are on fire. If you didn’t believe the Saints were for real this season, just look at how they blew out the Bengals 51-14 in Week 10 and smashed the Eagles 48-7 in Week 11. Drew Brees is absolutely at the top of his game. They might not be getting the crazy publicity of the shootout stars like the Rams and the Chiefs, but they’re 9-1 and looking like a well-oiled machine right now. While their defense isn’t fantastic either, it’s better than the two teams above them on this list. Plus they’ve got the added perk of having an older, experienced quarterback and leader in their back pocket. We’ll see how they hold up against the Steelers in the second half of the season – the rest of the Saints’ schedule ain’t easy – but they look like they might be unstoppable at home in the dome. And because the Rams still haven’t proven they can beat the Saints, this team could be what keeps them from making it to the Super Bowl.

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Pittsburgh Steelers

Sorry, Vegas, we just can’t bring ourselves to list the Patriots among these three amazing teams, even if you do. It’s just how we feel based on the whole vibe of this season so far. Especially considering Brady & Co.’s worst loss yet, falling 34-10 to the Titans in Week 10. Well, that and the Steelers’ bona fide hot streak. Le’Veon Bell didn’t show up in Pittsburgh last week and it didn’t matter. The Steelers have won six games in a row now, including a dominant defeat of the Panthers and an important “wake-up call” win over the Jags. They’ve got a defense that could shut down all of these teams and the veteran leadership of big Ben Roethlisberger behind them.

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Team Odds of Winning Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta

The Rams and the Saints are clearly Vegas favorites when it comes to the Super Bowl… which is only a little surprising given the performance by the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes on Monday night. And it seems we can’t shake the Patriots, though the Steelers are gaining ground. All those negative nancies up in Chicago have something to cheer about too – Mitch Trubisky, Khalil Mack, and the Bears have made a huge leap in the odds over the past month. After seven straight wins, so have the Houston Texans. Here are the top 11 teams with the best odds to win the Super Bowl after Week 6.

Odds as of November 20 via OddsShark:

Team Odds
Los Angeles Rams +325
New Orleans Saints +325
Kansas City Chiefs +550
New England Patriots +650
Pittsburgh Steelers +900
Chicago Bears +1500
Los Angeles Chargers +1500
Houston Texans +2000
Minnesota Vikings +2200
Indianapolis Colts +4000
Dallas Cowboys +4000

Current Ticket Pricing for Super Bowl 53

We’ve now got an early idea of Super Bowl ticket prices – and yes, they’re up from last month – but we won’t know how high they’ll truly go until the AFC and NFC Championships when we learn the final two contenders. (That’s when ticket prices typically surge.) More sellers will also enter the secondary markets at the start of January 2019, so keep that in mind. If you’re itching to go to the game no matter what, then don’t wait! And remember, while you’re browsing, be sure to view the actual ticket prices by clicking “show prices with fees” so that you don’t get sticker shock when you go to check out!

At Fan, we’ve got some of the best deals online because we don’t add buyer fees, which makes a big difference to the cost you pay (in some cases, nearly $1,000). But hey, if you’re trying to ball out, we’ve also got some of those exclusive luxury club level seats available too…

Fan Hospitality

Cheapest: $3,517 (Upper Level End Zone)

Best Deal: $6,387 (Lower Level Sideline)

Best Seat: $14,191 (SunTrust Club) or $13,099 (AMG Lounge Club)

Vivid Seats (proceed to checkout to see full prices)

Cheapest: $3,800 (Upper Level End Zone)

Best Seats: $8,750 (Lower Level Sideline Club) or $9,231 (200-Level Sideline Club)

StubHub (tickets + fees)

Cheapest: $5,706.50 (Upper Corner 302)

Best Seats: $20,462.50 (AMG Lounge Club) or $17,052.50 (Lower Club Midfield)

SeatGeek (tickets + fees)

Cheapest: $3,943 (Upper Corner)

Best Deal: $6,317 (200-Level Sideline)

Best Seats: $15,200 (200 Level Sideline Club) or $11,600 (Lower Level Sideline Club)

If you have a good feeling about your team – ahem, the Rams, Chiefs, or the Saints – and you’re serious about making the trip to Atlanta in February, you might think about biting the bullet. Check out the no-fee tickets we’ve got at Fan and come back next month to see updated odds and Super Bowl ticket price comparisons.

Is your team going to Atlanta? Are you going to Super Bowl 53?

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