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3 Secrets on How to Dress to Impress and Win at the Kentucky Derby

Derby, dresses, dainty headpieces – oh my. To some, the Kentucky Derby may simply be a gambler’s paradise but to others, Kentucky Derby is the southern states’ fashion week. It’s a highly anticipated event that brings celebrities and big wigs from all around the world flocking to Louisville.  So, you could be sitting next to your favorite celebrity crush if you place your bets right! Make sure luck is in your favor by learning how to dress for the Kentucky Derby. And have no fear. Along with Kentucky Derby tickets for sale, we also have this style guide on what to wear to the horse races.

Grab the biggest hat you can find

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Think like the royal family and find the biggest, brightest, gaudiest hat you can find – and that’s what you should wear to the Kentucky Derby. A big hat goes with the Kentucky Derby like a jockey goes with a horse. In other words, you simply can’t have one winning without the other.
It can be difficult finding Derby-worthy headpieces, as people don’t typically wear hats that are larger than their bodies. So, you may need to explore some stores that you never knew existed; check out the thrift shops, stick with a classic, flat brimmed hat or create your own Derby hat. There’s really no such thing as a fashion faux pas when it comes to Kentucky Derby fashion. As long as it’s big and bold, you’ll be winning the fashion race.

Be a southern bell in a summer dress

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Hanging with horses probably doesn’t make you want to pull out your favorite fashion ensembles, let alone your best dress. However, the Kentucky Derby is the fanciest of stables. The horses probably live in gold barns, wear Gucci horse coats, and eat gourmet every night. Seriously. Needless to say, think glamor instead of manure.
The perfect accessory to your ginormous hat is a summer dress. The secret to Kentucky Derby fashion is to let the hat do the talking and the dress do the swaying. Let your dress complement your Derby Hat by keeping it simple, summery, and chic. Yes, it’s that easy. Think hat; then dress.

Keep your footwear fashionable yet practical

Kentucky Derby, Fashion Week, Kentucky derby fashion, how to dress for the Kentucky derby, what to wear to the Kentucky derby
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Hopefully, you’ll be spending the majority of your time at the Kentucky Derby jumping out of your seat with joy from a big win. Even if you aren’t placing a bet, you’ll still be on your feet for long periods of time. Your Kentucky Derby hat will be weighing you down throughout the day. So, you need some good, fashionable footwear that is practical and comfortable.
A summer dress looks super southern when paired with little booties. They can be authentic cowgirl boots, basic booties or even sandals. Just remember to keep some country-inspired elements, such as fringe, on them to ensure they suit the Kentucky Derby fashion standards.  As a rule of thumb, think casual only cuter. No sneakers and no heels; no flip flops and no high tops. Find a medium between casual and clubbing.

You may be sitting close to Leonardo Decaprio, Harry Styles or Justin Bieber. So, make sure your Kentucky Derby fashion is on point. More importantly, make sure you have tickets to the Kentucky Derby before they sell out! This could be your winning moment.

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