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How to Bet on a Winning Horse at the Kentucky Derby

We have a winner – and it’s you! That’s something everyone dreams about when they head to the famous Kentucky Derby. While you may be going more for the entertainment than the gambling aspect, you can’t deny that the chance to win big bucks is intriguing. With all the big wigs and celebrities making the Kentucky Derby a must-see-destination each year, you could be in store for a nice chunk of change if you bet on the right horse.  The best part is that you don’t even have to be an expert; you just have to know what to look for. So, if you’re ready to pick a winner, read these tips, grab your big fancy hat (if you’re a girl), and buy your tickets to the Kentucky Derby today.

Get to know the horses before the big race

Kentucky derby, horse race, winning horseThe first thing you want to do before selecting a horse to bet on is research. Get to know the horses participating in the 2017 Kentucky Derby by reading their what-the-experts-call ‘form’. Learn about their past performances, the level each horse has been racing at, and whether or not they have a shot at winning the Kentucky Derby. You can be as in-depth and analytical as you want, or you can take your chance and simply pick the horse you like the best. To each their own.

Examine and get familiar with the race day program

The second secret to picking a winning horse at the Kentucky Derby is to know the race day program. If you have no idea what you’re looking at, which most people don’t, your chances of picking a winner is decreased.

While there’s no denying that the jumble of statistics and information crammed within the program is overwhelming, it’s actually much easier to understand than you think. In each race day program you’ll see a section for each race along with the history and statistics for each horse. The stats are always on the same line as the horse they’re associated it.

Kentucky derby, horse race, winning horse

The larger you bet, the larger the purses

The best horses who are the top of the roaster are often the most expensive to bet on. Furthermore, you also have a chance of winning a higher amount of money. However, in order to know where or how to bet, you need to understand the different levels and how they work.

Horses will change from different competition levels depending on their performance. This is key information to pay attention to.  If your horse often wins at maiden races but is upgraded to claiming races, they may not come in first like they have in the past because the other horses have more experience in that type of competition.  On the contrary, if a horse gets degraded to a level, it might be a great time to place a bet!

Don’t forget about the jockey

Kentucky derby, horse race, winning horse

While the horse is a major factor in the win, the jockey also plays a huge role! A jockey’s performance may change depending on the horse and type of competition. So, if you see a jockey has great performance history,
you’ll want to look a little further to compare their performance with the horse. Furthermore, if a horse has won consistently but now has a jockey who doesn’t have as many wins, their combined skill level may actually decrease.

Pay attention to the parade

Just before a race begins, each horse will be paraded around the track. Pay attention because this could be the tell-all moment for you. Take a look at how the horse appears and channel your inner horse whispering skills. Analyze how the horse is behaving because some will show obvious signs they’re ready to tackle the race and others may be distracted. Look for a horse that is happy and eager, but one that isn’t sweating and behaving nervously.

Kentucky derby, horse race, winning horse

Consider each tip with the other to come to a decision

The biggest tip for choosing a winning horse is that you can’t just follow one of these tips. You have to go through everything before placing a bet. For example, you may be sold on a high-performance jockey and horse duo but if the horse isn’t behaving well in the paddock (parade), then you might want to go with your second option.

Other than that, it’s time for you to get ready for race day. Purchase your Kentucky Derby tickets today and take a stab at winning some big bucks while also having the time of your life.

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