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John McEnroe’s On Court Meltdowns, Ranked

John McEnroe has landed himself on several “top 10” lists for on court tantrums. Some argue that his temperamental outbursts overshadowed his incredible gifts on the court. Whether that is true or not is up for debate; what’s not up for debate however, is that Johnny Mac was always incredibly fun to watch.


#1 Answer His Question, Jerk

All the umpire had to do was answer his question…right? For some reason, we think he would have lost it either way – and thank goodness he did- because it’s hilarious.


#2 Please Tell Me

Like a tiger stalking its prey, the calm before the storm. The walk up to the umpire lands this John McEnroe tantrum the number two spot. You know that walk means business!


#3 When He Loses it on the Umpire

At first, John McEnroe loses it just a tad as he throws down his tennis racket in, what the reporter describes as, “absolute disgust”.


#4 You Cannot Be Serious

We like how John McEnroe starts off rather softly and then suddenly, raises his voice, before completely losing his mind.

#5 John McEnroe Will Tell You

Johnny Mac is always the man to tell the umpire how to do his job, or rather, how he isn’t doing his job.

#6 This is Absurd

How do you really feel, Mr. John McEnroe? This freak out is a short one but a good one!

#7 Bye, Bye Racket

Who needs a tennis racket when you’re in the ring anyway, right? This non-verbal tantrum is just as good as any ole’ Johnny Mac freak out.

#8 Age is Just a Number

Age is just a number when it comes to John McEnroe tantrums. From the day he stepped on the court as a pro tennis player to the day he stepped off, John is on fire!!!

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