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Super Bowl 53 is in Atlanta, but Miami is Already Planning for Super Bowl 54!

While we might only be looking as far ahead as February 2019 in Atlanta, future Super Bowl host city Miami is already planning its shot at hosting the big game. No, Super Bowl 54 doesn’t sound like a nice round number, but it is a pretty big occasion because the year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the NFL.

Super Bowl duties are nothing new for Miami, a city which will have hosted a record-breaking 11 Super Bowls after 2020. Earning the right to host Super Bowl 54 breaks the tie with New Orleans who have also hosted 10 times in the past. We get the feeling that fans love those warm-weather destinations in the southern parts of the US because it makes the big game feel more like a vacation!

The Miami Super Bowl Host Committee and marketing agency Republica Havas are teaming up to plan and organize the big game and everything that comes along with it. And they’ve already started counting down. In fact, since the submission of Miami’s nearly 600-page bid to the NFL, they say the work hasn’t stopped.

President of the Miami Host Committee, Michael Zimmer, is from Miami himself and he says it’s time to remind people that they’ve got dibs next. “For most people, they’re just looking at the next Super Bowl, but we’re right behind it. As soon as Atlanta’s done, we’re up to bat.”

Miami seems to have the right people on board for the job. Former Miami Dolphins player Nat Moore is the host committee’s senior vice president of special projects and alumni relations. He knows about the parties, hospitality, and things to do in South Florida and he also knows how important those aspects of a host city are to corporations and their customers when they invite clients and employees to the Super Bowl on the company dime.

Get ready for some innovation and unique ideas too. This won’t be just any Super Bowl. The co-founder and president of Republica Havas, Luis Casamayor, says we can expect Miami to be different from all the past Super Bowls that we’ve seen so far. “This is going to be nothing like it. Miami is going to be hosting something unprecedented.”

So what does that mean exactly? Well, it’s too soon to get specific about events or parties just yet, but rest assured there will be plenty of festivities going on under the Miami sun (and stars) during the days (and nights) leading up to the Super Bowl. The host committee does know one thing though. Planning is in the works for an interactive football field or “Super Bowl Park” along Biscayne Boulevard. From the Perez Art Museum to the Intercontinental Hotel, fans can expect 54 acres and 14 blocks of NFL history and South Beach nightlife in the heart of Miami during the week before kickoff.

The NFL will also curate special events to celebrate its 100th anniversary and they’ll reveal those to us little by little in the coming months.

The Dolphins’ home of Hard Rock Stadium has also undergone a ton of renovations in order to remain competitive and seal the deal to host the Super Bowl in 2020. Stadium quality is a big priority when the NFL considers bids from potential host cities – just look at the brand new stadiums it chose in Minnesota and Atlanta! Miami failed to win the right to host the 50th and 51st Super Bowls and many believe that was due to the fact that the city lacked a state-of-the-art stadium until recently.

Dolphins’ owner Steve Ross’s $450 million overhaul of Hard Rock Stadium likely made a big difference when it came time to decide which city would be the site of the NFL’s big “centennial celebration” so to speak. The stadium now has new canopies over most of the seating, high definition video screens, and more amenities for guests.

Former players also helped South Florida make its pitch to the owners of all 32 NFL teams back in 2016. They told ‘em that Miami had everything they needed to “make it a festival.” Miami beat out a fellow Florida city Tampa for the 2020 hosting duties.

All we’re thinking is palm trees, warm temperatures, beaches, boats, beautiful people, dancing, and culture… That’s South Beach, baby!

Now, we’ve just gotta make it through Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta. Want tickets? We got ‘em.

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