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Super Bowl Ticket Giveaways by the NFL – Last Year and This Season So Far!

We’ve broken down the details about how the 2019 NFL Lottery will work. Spoiler: It’s not a lottery and you shouldn’t mail anything in for a random drawing anymore. Instead, the NFL is seeking out the most passionate fans and people who are giving back to their communities.

Roger Goodell & Co. will be popping up at tailgates, bars, homes, and NFL stadiums across the country to surprise fans with tickets to the Super Bowl this season. For half of the available tickets, they’re letting NFL teams decide which of their fans are most deserving, because they know best right?

We thought it’d be fun to talk about more the winners of these NFL Super Bowl ticket giveaways and check out whether they’ve given away any this season yet!

Last Year’s Winners

We covered a few of the previous winners of Super Bowl tickets in this postThey range from all-around good guys who contribute to their community through football, lovers of the game who got lucky, and fans suffering from cancer. (Last year, the Super Bowl fell on World Cancer Day.) There were the LA policemen who volunteered with at-risk kids in an afterschool football program, the fire chief and Patriots fan with stage 4 brain cancer, and an entire youth football team from Minneapolis. 

And of course, there were the lifelong Seahawks fans who were just hanging out at the bar before a game when Roger Goodell showed up. Right place, right time, we guess!

So who else won tickets to Super Bowl 52 last year?

We can’t forget the 99-year-old Vikings fan who made waves when Goodell surprised her at their miraculous playoff game against the Saints, rewarding her with tickets to the big game. Unfortunately, when February rolled around, she was too ill to attend so her two granddaughters went instead.

Goodell and the owner of the Jaguars presented youth football coaches from Jacksonville with Super Bowl tickets during a Jags home game. They surprised them on the field at halftime, thanking them for their work inspiring and teaching kids important values through football. Goodell made sure to mention that airfare and hotel rooms were covered!

The Los Angeles Rams gave away five full-package trips to the Super Bowl too. Todd Gurley showed up at the home of Hector, a five-year-old with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, with two tickets to the Super Bowl. They also gave tickets to Staff Sergeant Francisco Chavez, a 25-year veteran with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rams guard Roger Saffold rewarded Travis Van Winkle and his “little brother” Lyric with Super Bowl tickets after learning of their six-year partnership through Big Brothers Big Sisters. The Rams also selected life-long Rams fan and season ticket-holder Raymond Chavez and his wife to attend the big game. (He even wore Rams gear to the Super Bowl.)

This next one is a little different, but it also involves the Rams. Tim Salter, high school football coach of 22 years, was selected by fans through online voting as the team’s High School Football Coach of the Year. They recognized him on December 31, 2017 at the Rams-49ers game with a $2,000 grant, lots of Gatorade products, and two tickets to the Super Bowl.

The Chicago Bears and Goodell gave away tickets to Army veteran Sergeant Roosevelt Anderson, Jr. who was injured in a motorcycle accident and still continued to participate in National Veterans Wheelchair Games. They also presented tickets to Matt Kelly, a local football coach at the West Side’s Chicago Hope Academy.

And finally, there was Wayne Baird, a huge Eagles fan with mantle cell lymphoma who had just been given four to six months to live. One of his daughters wrote to the Dream Foundation, which grants wishes for terminally ill adults, telling them of his dream of being there when the Eagles won a Super Bowl. (Baird had always regretted missing them play in New Orleans back in 1980.) After the NFC Championship, an Eagles rep called up his wife and surprised them with two trips to Super Bowl 52… and we all know what happened there. Looks like Baird had his dream fulfilled. He passed away in April.

Has Anybody Won Tickets So Far This Season?

Yep. In August, the NFL gave away two Super Bowl 53 tickets to Andrew Search, an 11-year-old football fan who recently lost his dad to cancer. His dad got him into the game and ever since, he’s been memorizing stats and watching football on Sundays. When his dad got too ill to take him on a promised trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement, his grandma accompanied him instead. There, the NFL’s Hall of Fame president noticed the two of them. When he later learned that Andrew’s father had died, he called to invite Andrew to attend all future enshrinement events for 2018, including the ceremony, the game, and a Maroon 5 concert.

During the ceremony, Goodell sat next to Andrew and asked if he’d rather have tickets to four Giants games or the Super Bowl. Andrew’s answer? “The Giants are making it to the Super Bowl, so I’ll take the Super Bowl tickets.”

Awwww, you guys…

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated as teams, Goodell, and the NFL start giving away more Super Bowl tickets this year!

What do you think? Do you have a chance?

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