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How To Dress At A Music Festival

Bohemian headbands, bandeaus, booties – oh my. The warmer months are fast approaching and with that comes plenty of summer music festivals to fill your weekends with wild fun and even better music and memories.

Unlike other concerts, summer music festivals are as much about the look as they are about the lineup. But not all tickets are created equally. Whether you’re rocking a general admission ticket, heading to the VIP section or glamping the nights away, consider this your ultimate guide on what to wear to a music festival.

Festival fashion for General Admission Ticket Goers

There’s no plush couches and comfy lounge chairs to relax in with a general admission ticket. With general admission, you can expect to get down and dirty with the crowd of other party goers. You’ll be in the middle of the party, dancing the days away, while dodging other people’s footsteps. As such, knowing how to dress for a music festival is the secret to survival.

The key? Comfort. Think denim shorts, chic crop tops, and trending loafers instead of sweats, tees, and sandals. You want to feel comfortable from dusk to dawn while also looking chic as ever.

So, protect those feet by avoiding thong sandals and look hella chic (and just as comfortable) with denim shorts and crop tops. Don’t forget a small and trendy crossover bag, since you’ll be carrying your belongings with you throughout the day.

Dressing for the VIP section at MAJOR Music Festivals

You landed yourself some epic VIP tickets for the next music festival, and now it’s time to start packing. The VIP section at music festivals typically come with some shaded areas to rest and relax in between sets (and drink runs). So, you have the luxury of not being on your feet for the entire music festival.

The secret is that you’ll be mingling amongst other festival fashionistas. So, you need to make sure your ensemble makes a statement, without jeopardizing your comfort. Retire the boring band tees and pajama-like shorts. Pull out your bohemian palazzo pants, crochet crop tops, fringe booties, hats, headbands and boho prints. When in the VIP section, prepare to play the VIP part and wear the VIP music festival ensembles.

Glamping for glam camping

The name may transfer to “glam camping” but leave the diamonds and gowns at home. Instead, expect a weekend music festival packed with your favorite bands, booze, and of course, camping and all the shenanigans that come with it. Leave the glam in the tent and let the camping attire take over.

Since you do have the luxury of mirrors, storage space and comfort, you can go the extra mile to rock fabulous festival fashion. Better yet, you get to rock every kind of music festival fashion because you have the extra space and storage for your belongings, the time and comfort to get ready.

So, load up the suitcase. Rock everything from your summer dresses, gladiator sandals and floral headbands one day, to denim cutoff shorts, booties, and crop tops the next.

Regardless of your ticket, boho headbands, big sunnies, and booties are always a hit for music festival fashion. Just remember to leave the big handbags at home and opt for a small crossover bag instead to keep your prized possessions on you and safe at all times. After all, how else are you going to take those impromptu selfies for Instagram?

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