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The Best Seat Locations at WWE Events

When you spend the money to catch a live WWE event, do you want to feel the sweat? Do you wanna hear the announcers and their commentary with your own ears? Do you want the chance to slap hands with the pros, snap photos, or maybe accidentally get pummeled with a folding chair? Should you even bother going if you can’t get ringside seats? We’ll explore all these questions as we break down the best seat locations at WWE events.


According to most fans, these are the best seats in the house. This is where you can catch the beads of sweat on your face and get caught on camera holding homemade signs while cheering on your favorite WWE Superstar. Sitting ringside is pricey, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime treat, and you really can’t beat the first row. If you’ve got the money, rows 1 through 5 are great. Just keep in mind that you’ll be at the mercy of fans in front of you because these seats aren’t elevated. When they stand up, you’ll have to stand up.

As you get farther back than that, the shorter among the crowd (and kids!) might not be able to see the action. And because all of the ringside seats face forward, beware of tricky angles. Many folks claim they’d prefer to be more elevated, so remember that when exploring ringside options.

Lower Level Seating

Which brings us to these seats. Being up a little higher can provide a great viewing angle. Try to get in the first few rows of the lower level sections to ensure perfect unobscured views of the ring. You may even be seated level with the guys in the ring, despite being a little farther away from the action. The first ten rows are all good here.

Just be sure to check the layout of the stadium floor to see whether or not the ring is centered so you can snag those sections that are aligned with (and therefore closest to) the ring. Otherwise, you may be farther away from the mat than you planned.

Entryway, Runway, Rampside

Want to really interact with the WWE Superstars? Consider sitting rampside so you can get high fives (or stare them down and boo them) as they enter the stadium and walk to the ring while their music blares and smoke fills the air. These seats are much cheaper than ringside, but they’re still great for viewing and you’ll feel close to the action as a fan. This is all super exciting for kids too. Bring signs to get noticed! Oh, and the pyrotechnics are like right there…

Behind the Announcers

Okay, okay, so you may not be able to actually hear the announcers over the thousands of screaming fans surrounding you – that’s the word on the street anyway. But it’s still cool to see the guys you’ve only seen on TV sitting right there in front of you. And these seats are necessarily close to the action so they get good reviews from fans anyway.

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Keep the Cameras in Mind

Real WWE fans know that these shows are all about performing. You’ll be there for an event that is, most likely, being televised (or filmed for Pay-Per-View), so there will be cameramen filming the matches. A lot of the WWE Superstars will also be speaking into a microphone too at some point and the cameras will want to film them from the best angle.

Sitting on what’s called “camera side” by in-the-know fans will allow you to see the ring unobstructed by those camera crews. But the real perk is that, naturally, some fans will get to be on TV. So paint your face, dress up as your favorite wrestler, bring signs, and tell your mom to tune in! She’ll be so proud…

Far, Far Away

Is it worth it up there in the rafters? Honestly… probably not. Though they’re the cheapest seats in the place, you won’t be able to see much of the action, the wrestlers’ expressions, or a lot of the intensity that so many fans come for. That’s because the WWE ring is a lot smaller than the courts these stadiums were built around. Buy these tickets if you must for huge events, but more than likely you’ll end up watching on the monitors (or else the Superstars will just look like tiny wrestling ants with really good outfits and entrance music).

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